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About Us

If you have cancer, or are supporting someone who does, you have questions. Everyone can benefit from the wisdom of someone else’s experience, but not everyone wants to be told what to think and how to feel. Jen, who is living with cancer, has experienced this first hand. Andrea, a friend in the front lines of her support system, struggled to help. 

So, we created The Cancer Conversation. We’re not doctors, and this isn’t a medical product. It's the practical and emotional guide we wanted and needed over the past few years.

Jen Kraemer-Smith is the Creative Director of a weekly news magazine with more than 3 million student subscribers. She has been living with breast cancer for more than three years and brings her experience to this product. She and her husband are raising three young kids.

Andrea Delbanco is the Executive Editor of the same magazine. She studied psychology at Brown University but fell in love with journalism while working at the New York Times. She brings her experience from being part of Jen’s support system to this product. She and her husband have two little girls.